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Jonas Kyle-Sidell

About the Author I was born in L.A. but am now in Decatur, GA and will be attending the University of Baltimore in the fall for the ubiquitous M.F.A. I'm excited to show people my work. I have a poem in the current L.A. Review, and forthcoming from Main Street Rag. Also, there are three posted on Hipster When it bubbles up out of frenzy – as if assured by something – that’s the best for him. The weight that was there has given away what it knows, and surrendered only to what will last. After all, we're all having a breakdown . . . ooooooh how it surprises, when it shows its grace! Undeniably, inexplicably, even with all that he can attest to! But there are other witnesses who have seen it, too. Neither tragic nor heroic – it is honest, like the way a song speaks to you, or how someone exists in their environment. It’s also romantic as hell, full of love, and to ignore that much would be a gross injustice. Growth, blessed life, shall not go u

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